About Me

I am a Postdoctoral Associate at CU Boulder, working with Prof. Kevin Mahan on evaluating the petrology, isotope geochemistry, and thermobarometry of crustal xenoliths from the Navajo Volcanic Field. This work seeks to evaluate the effect of crustal hydration event(s) on the Laramide uplift of the Colorado Plateau. I defended my PhD in Geology in March 2020 at the UCLA Department of Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences. I graduated from Wesleyan University in 2014 with a B.A. in Earth & Environmental Sciences.

My PhD research with my advisor T. Mark Harrison was an investigation of the dynamic crustal thickness of the southern Lhasa terrane of the Tibetan plateau using geochemical microanalytical techniques. I am more broadly interested in the use of crystal-scale analyses to reconstruct large-scale magmatic and structural processes. For more information, see my research page.

At UCLA I had the opportunity to teach geology majors in upper-division lab classes for several years. This spring, I am serving as Visiting Assistant Professor at Colorado College, teaching Igneous Petrology. Check out my teaching page for more detail. For two years I was the president of the UCLA Earth, Planetary, and Space Science Student Organization (EPSSSO), a grad student-run organization dedicated to enrichment and outreach events for EPSS as well as the greater geoscience community.

I am strongly committed to improving equity, diversity, and inclusion in the geosciences, and increasing participation of early-career researchers in the academic peer-review process. I am currently collaborating with colleagues in the U.K., Spain, and Germany to develop a database of willing referees for geoscience journal articles. If you’re interested, please fill out this form to sign up!