EPSS 103A, Winter 2017


Instructor of Record:
University of Colorado, Boulder: GEOL 3010 – Introduction to Mineralogy (Fall 2021)
Colorado College: GY310 – Igneous Petrology (Block 7, 2021)

TA/Lab Instructor:
UCLA EPSS 51: Mineralogy (Fall 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019)
UCLA EPSS 103A: Igneous Petrology (Winter 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)

Teaching Resources

Note: Some of these materials I created from scratch, others were adapted from materials posted online by other instructors, and others are links to materials created by other instructors. I would like to pay it forward by posting my new and adapted materials. All of this content is free for use and adaptation by teachers, T.A.s, and professors in the classroom. Do not reproduce or use these materials for commercial purposes. Attribution is noted where applicable.

U-Th-Pb Geochronology Basics (PDF handout)
ZirChron Applet – Boise State (link)
ZirChron Lab Exercise (DOCX) (Instructors: email me for the answer key)
Basic Concordia Plot (no error ellipses) (XLSX)

Point-Group Symmetry Flowchart (PDF handout)
Physical Properties of Minerals (PPTX)
Intro to Silicate Minerals (PPTX)
Short Intro to Pauling’s Rules (PDF handout)
Intro to Polarized Light Microscopy A (PPL) (PPTX)
Intro to Polarized Light Microscopy B (XPL) (PPTX)
Intro to the Optical Indicatrix (PDF handout)

Igneous Petrology
Intro to Structures and Textures of Igneous Rocks (PDF handout)
CIPW Norm Spreadsheet (K. Hollacher, 2004) (XLS Spreadsheet)